Organizing Committee 组委会

Under the leadership of the Board of Directors and in close collaboration with the Advisory Committee and the Scientific Committee, the Organizing Committee is principally responsible for managing the daily operations of the ICCCASU, both in preparation of and during conference proceedings. Membership of the committee will be terminated by the end of year 2020.



Honorary President:

Alioune Badiane, Director (Rtd) Programme Division UN-Habitat

President, The Urban ThinkTank Africa -TUTTA, Senegal


Rafael Tuts, Director of Programme Division, UN-Habitat

Huhua Cao, Professor, University of Ottawa, Canada

Vice-Presidents (in family name’s order):

Yanli Gao, Director, China Land Surveying and Planning Institute

Benjamin Gianni, Professor, Carleton University, Canada

Aijun Qiu, Deputy Director, China Center for Urban Development

Inês Macamo Raimundo, Professor, Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique

Rong Yang, Inter-Regional Advisor, UN-Habitat

Academic Chair:

Xingping Wang, Professor, Southeast University, China

Tonton Mundele, Bank of Nova Scotia, Canada

Chair for China Relations:

Liqin Zhang* (University of GeoSciences, China / University of Ottawa, Canada)

Chair for External Relations and Coordination:

 Jean-Marie Cishahayo* (University of Ottawa, Canada)

Research Chair:

Nicolas Hubert (University of Ottawa, Canada)

Program Chairs:                                                                              

Claude Ngomsi (UN-Habitat)

Yangfan Li (Xiamen University, China)

IT Group:

Simon Huang* (University of Ottawa, Canada), Chair

Yixiao Chen, Web Developer Leader

Yuenan Li, Assistant

Qiming Zhu, Assistant

Special Assistant of Co-President/Sponsor team leader:

Haotian Guan (University of Ottawa, Canada)

Strategy Consultant:

Weiping Zhu (Hangzhou Zhongwei Electronics Co., Ltd, China)


Currently Vacant

Secretariat Team

Secretary General:

 Yifan Kang (University of Ottawa, Canada)

Deputy Secretary General:

For China: Chunyan Lv (China Land Surveying and Planning Institute)

For UN-Habitat and Africa: Zhengli Huang (Sheffield University, England)

Xiao Chen, Assistant

Liu Kai, Assistant

Helen Ma, Assistant

Zhao Shengbo, Assistant


 Vivant Liu* (Canadian ChinaThinking, Canada)

*= founding member