Scientific Committee 学术委员会

The Scientific Committee consists of a group of experts from various sectors and disciplines related to ICCCASU objectives all over the world. Its mission is to provide valuable advice to the Board of directors and the organizing committee, as well as to assist in the promotion of ICCCASU in any way possible. Membership of the committee will be terminated by the end of year 2020.



René Joly Assako Assako (University of Douala, Cameroon)

Allan Cain (Development Workshop, Angola)

Yang Cao (Shanghai Institute of Technology, China)

Ian Cooper (Employment and Social Development Canada)

Olivier Dehoorne (University of the West Antilles, France)

Benjamin Gianni (Carleton University, Canada)

Yanli Gao (China Land Surveying and Planning Institute)

Dingping Guo (Fudan University, China)

Xudong Guo (China Land Surveying and Planning Institute)

Haoying Han (Zhejiang University, China)

Ruibo Han (University of Maryland, USA)

Yangfan Li (Xiamen University, China)

Abdul Rahman Lamin (UNESCO Regional Office for Eastern Africa, Kenya)

Michel Max Raynaud (Université de Montréal, Canada)

Cezar Morar (University of Oradea, Romania)

Sarah Moser (McGill University, Canada)

Tonton Mundele (Bank of Nova Scotia, Canada)

Claude Albert Meutchehe Ngomsi (UN-Habitat)

Antoine Noubouwo (Ville de Gatineau, Canada)

Denise Piché (Université Laval, Canada)

Aijun Qiu (China Center for Urban Development)

Inês Macamo Raimundo (Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique)

Ahmadou Sardaouna (Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Cameroon)

Remy Sietchiping (UN-Habitat, Kenya)

Xingping Wang (Southeast University, China)

Rong Yang (UN-Habitat)

Sanni Yaya (University of Ottawa, Canada)

Edlam Abera Yemeru (United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Ethiopia)

John Zacharias (Peking University, China)

Henglong Zhang (Shanghai University, China)

Bing Zhao (Southwest Minzu University, China)

Fengqi Zhou (Shanghai Academy of Social Science, China)