Poster Guidelines 展板指南

Poster Presentation Guidelines


The Poster Session is designed to allow authors to present research and to network with conference participants. To attract the attention of others, it is important to display information in a clear and visually compelling manner. All presenters (including speakers from other panels) are strongly encouraged to participate in the Poster Session to showcase their research.

展板讨论是作者展示研究成果并与其他参会者进行深入交流探讨的媒介。此外,通过展板 讨论,参展者可以更好的从多个平行讨论会议中,获取不同研究论文的信息。因此,与会 期间,您的展板是否能引起其他学者的兴趣与共鸣,完全取决于您的展板是否明确地表达 了文章的主要内容。我们鼓励所有的参会人员积极参与到展板讨论环节中。

It is suggested that your poster cover all key points of your research/project. It is not necessary to include details since you will have the opportunity to describe them in person during the session. Email: Website: or ICCCASU.ORG or ICCCASU.COM Address: Simard Hall, 60 University (030), Ottawa, ON, Canada K1N 6N5 2 An ideal poster should be able to attract attention, provide an overview of the research, and stimulate discussion. Guidelines for producing and presenting posters can be found below.

您的展板应该力求陈述重点,而非强调细节。您将有机会亲自为参观展板的与会者 详细讲解您的研究成果。理想的展板旨在吸引与会者的注意,概述作者的研究成果,同时 激发与会者对您的研究产生参与讨论的兴趣。因此,在会议开始之前按照组委会提出的展 板要求,仔细准备您的展板就显得十分重要。请在尽早在会议召开前仔细准备您的展板, 确保其在符合会议展板要求的前提下,尽量涵盖所有要展示的内容。ICCCASUIII 有关会 议展板的参考指导原则和制作要求如下。

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